Are you really relationship ready?


Do you sometimes wonder why some people rush into relationships without much thought of what they are getting themselves into?

They are captured mainly by this huge physical attraction towards that person. They believe: this is the one. Perhaps you’ve been there yourself and experienced it first-hand? Who hasn’t?

That instant attraction you feel for someone when you meet them is amazing, right? And if they feel the same way – wow! It’s magical.

You may know that it’s those happy hormones kicking in place making you feel on top of the world. Your focus is predominately on that one person and everything else often takes the back seat.

Yes, there is no denying having that special person in your life is a beautiful thing. Who wouldn’t want that? It’s normal to have close relationships and interactions with others.

Now if you were looking for your new job or change of career surely you would give it some thought. There would be things racing through your mind and questions to ask yourself well before applying for that job such as:

• What sort of place do I want to work in?
• What sort of people would I like to work for?
• What type of work suits me best?
• What flexibility do I have my start and finish time?
• What’s the pay like?

So you would have figured out the ideal job that meets on our own specific needs and circumstances at that time.

Why don’t we do the same thing for identifying the type of partner that would be right for us?

Here are a few tips to get you really thinking about whether you are ready for a relationship.

Know Yourself
Do you really know who you are behind all those masks and roles you carry out? Are you really clear on your likes and dislikes in life and what gives you a real buzz? What makes you feel alive? What’s really important to you in life? Are there any unknown blocks somewhere that is preventing you from achieving your full potential? Are you just feeling unsettled and totally unfulfilled?

Have you built up a strong relationship with yourself so that when you look in the mirror you like what you see externally and internally? Do you accept yourself fully for who you are?
How well do you manage your emotions especially when times get tough? Are you likely to explode or take things calmly and rationally?

Get balance and control in your life
Have you considered whether you have true balance in your life?

By this, I mean, are there areas of your life such as concerns over your health or finance that may need greater attention before you could consider bringing someone in to share your life? Are you expecting your new partner to resolve these issues for you? If these areas of your life are not addressed in some shape or form there is a possibility that they may cloud the makings of a healthy relationship.

Can you be happy on your own doing things that make your smile?

What do you want from a relationship?
Have you addressed the issues you encountered in previous relationships? Are you still beating yourself up over these failed relationships? Are you absolutely clear what you want from a relationship and by this I mean the characteristics that will sit well with your own values? Be as specific as you can here. Have you written them down so you’re clear?
What do you intend to bring to the table yourself?

Just a few ideas to get you thinking…..

My name is Ivona Gordon. I am known for getting single women over the age of 35 ‘relationship ready’. If any of the above resonates with you then do get in touch.

Carol Mae Whittick