I had a shaky moment…


I had a shaky moment last week. I was half way through a three-day business course when my excitement of being there and learning turned to sheer overwhelm. There were loads of new ideas, models and techniques to take in. I was struggling to get my head around them all.
In my mind, there just seemed to be a 101 things yet to do to make my business a success. So, as you can imagine, I was ‘beating myself up’ over my perceived non achievements and failing to recognise the great things I’d done so far to get me to where I am today.
How many times have we failed to recognise our own strengths and achievements? Instead these positives have been clouded over by a wave of negativity and self-doubt. Yes, many times I should imagine!
Now looking back over my weekend experience on the course I realised that I should have given myself a huge hug to acknowledge that I was doing okay. I now know that I just need a bit of support along the way.
So here’s some tips that should help you get through those shaky moments and get you back on track:
• Grab yourself a sheet of paper and write down at least 5 key achievements in your personal or business/work life. This will boost your confidence.
• Think back to a particular occasion when you were particularly pleased with your achievements. Remember how you felt at that time. Capture that moment fully. You’ve achieved before and you will achieve again.
• Watch a programme on TV or a video that is guaranteed to make you smile or indeed laugh hysterically. A positive distraction is always helpful when you are at a low moment. It should shift how you feel about yourself and the situation.
• Listen to your favourite piece of music so that you experience that warm glow. Dance round the room like you’ve not got a care in the world! Now that should make you feel super-relaxed!
• Spoil yourself the way only you know how. Wouldn’t you do the same for someone else you cared about? Now to spoil yourself and do what is right for you. A nice glass of wine followed by tea and cake work well for me!
You can get through those shaky moments and come out stronger. Just remember to stop, reframe your thinking and surround yourself with lots of love and positivity.

Ivona – The Relationship Coach