The key to happiness is about being grateful


Being thankful for the simple things in life has helped me cope better with the usual ups and downs many of us experience on daily basis.

Since writing in my Gratitude notebook I’ve noticed how I’m ­getting more of what I want in life and less of what I don’t want. I regularly record my gratitude for family and friends and by chance, I’m building more powerful connections with a wide range of people on almost a weekly basis.


Here’s some tips for you to experience the process for yourself:

  • Buy yourself a little note-book. Something that you can easily carry around with you. It needn’t be fancy or expensive. The brighter the note-book cover the better! Personalise it as you see fit.
  • Get into a pattern of writing down your gratitude at a set time of the day. By being consistent it becomes a habit. The morning works well for me.You might be a night person. That’s ok. No set rules here.
  • As an initial guide, aim to write down at least 3 things you’re grateful for. If you can think of more – that’s brilliant!
  • Don’t overthink. Relax your mind and let your appreciations come from the heart.
  • Write a big THANK YOU at the end of your daily list.If you’ve got one of those multi-coloured all in one pens then switch to another colour so that the THANK YOU really stands out. It then becomes a visual representation of all that you hold important to you on that day.
  • Keep your book where you can easily find it for the next entry. I usually keep my Gratitude notebook in my handbag. I can then quickly refer to it should I experience any dips in the day. It also acts as an Anchor.  By just looking at the front cover it reminds me that the day is going to be a good one.
  • Periodically re –read your ‘Gratitude journey’. See how far you have come in experiencing life the way you’ll like it to be by just being grateful.
  • So these are my tips. Over to you! Please let me know how you get on with the above exercise.

If you’re already practicing the art of gratitude I would love to read about your experiences.

I am so grateful you’ve read this article

Ivona: The Relationship Coach