What’s your passion? Here’s 5 tips to help you find it!


I know you’ve heard this before and it does sound cliché but I will say it again. It is really important to get to know yourself before you try to build a relationship with someone else.

Let’s talk passion. Now, I’m not talking about intimate passion ie ‘Person toward whom one feels strong love or sexual desire’-www.dictionary.com. That’s for another time! I am talking he­re about the excitement and buzz you feel when you get out of bed in the morning. It’s about that activity or experience that puts a smile on your face and makes you feel alive and so happy!

The Oxford Dictionaries refer to passion as ‘strong and barely controllable emotion’ ‘A state of outburst of strong emotion’ and ‘An intense desire or enthusiasm for something’

Passion is within us all but sometimes it gets buried under the blanket of ‘stuff’.

What better time than now to take a peep out of that pile of stuff and start to reignite, discover and live your passion.

So if you are feeling unsettled, bored, frustrated or just disconnected with what is happening in your life then read on.

Here are 5 tips that will help you discover your passion.

Find a space where you won’t be disturbed and you can just be yourself. No roles. No tasks. No nothing. Just time and space to connect with what’s whirling around in your mind at that moment.

Reflect now on those situations where you have felt really alive. It may mean going back in time to perhaps a week, a month or maybe years. Can you recreate those moments and those feelings? Note them down.

Now make a list of your dislikes and pure frustrations in life. How can you eliminate those ‘dislikes’ and frustrations – in an ethically and safe way? Record what action you will take to get less of what you don’t like.

Now make a list of your ‘likes’. What do you seriously like doing, where and with whom and why? How you can add more ‘likes’ to that list. And how are you going to pin down whether these ‘likes’ reflect strong pleasurable emotions?

For the next 7 days (at least) keep a journal so you can a record what is going on in your life. Don’t edit what you write. It’s all about free flowing writing. Look back over the week and see whether you can identify a particular occasion where you were at your happiest. Recall that moment when something or someone made you smile and you were filled with excitement so much so you want to experience that again.

 It’s great being aware but now it’s time to step things up and live that passion.

Get to know yourself, your passions and your lightbulb moments so that when you meet your potential partner you feel confident that you can make yourself happy and not be co-dependent on them solely to make you happy.

 My name is Ivona Gordon. I have many passions. One of my passions include supporting single women over the age of 35 so they become ‘relationship ready’ and find love. But don’t worry. If happen to be under 35 and male I can support you too!

If any of the above resonates with you please do get in touch.