Why I do what I do


We all have a purpose in life. For many of us, it could take time to realise what that purpose is. Does this statement sound familiar to you? ‘There is something missing from my life but I don’t know what it is?’ Yes? Thought so.

So we go on this journey of wandering around really not sure where we are heading, just looking for a sign. We focus so much on looking for this sign that often we don’t allow ourselves to just relax, understand what makes us really tick and to ‘just be’. The answers are usually within us.

I knew for a while that I wanted to help others. This reflected in the many roles I was fortunate enough to carry out whilst working in the public sector. Yes, I did that wandering around a bit too until it hit me – quite suddenly – that I wanted to make a change in my life and to really serve others.

Becoming a Life coach seems to be what I was looking for. What I hadn’t realised was that before I could help others I needed to help myself first. So off I went to qualify as a coach, to learn more about myself and to take personal development to another level.

When I was finally able to pin down my coaching niche, relationship coaching and my reasons for doing this, my true passion came alive.

So why do I do what I do? In simple terms, I want to help people find love! Let me expand…..

I want to help people find love in a healthy relationship.

But first and foremost I want people to be happy in themselves. I want them to build a relationship with themselves before they build a relationship with someone else.

You see, once you start to really connect with yourselves and love yourself from top to bottom this is where the magic lies. Knowing yourself, doing what makes you buzz and what makes you feel alive are great gifts we should give ourselves every day. Wouldn’t you agree?

Have a great week!

Ivona – The Relationship Coach x