London Relationship Coaching - exploring love & happiness

This is a fun and highly interactive Meetup group. We explore a range of relationship issues in an informal, supportive way. At the end of each Meetup we catch up over a drink and bite to eat at the nearby theatre bar.

At the London Relationship Coaching Meetup, we explore a range of relationship topics and issues in an informal and supportive way. At the end of each event, we normally continue the conversations over a drink and bite at the nearest bar.

So who is this group aimed at?

  • You could be a single man or woman, questioning why you have not found that special person in your life

  • You may want a few tips and techniques on how to get back into the dating scene. We are here to support you at whatever stage you may be at and to discuss your own personalised topics

  • You may already be in a relationship and would love to learn a little more about building and maintaining a healthy romantic relationship.

  • Perhaps you want to know the male or female perspective on specific issues.

  • Or you may just be curious to learn more about relationships.

The London Relationship Coaching Meetup is a safe and welcoming group.
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Upcoming events

6 April 2019

The Keys to a Healthy Relationship: A Panel Discussion

Do you have a string of questions about love and relationship and would like to hear the views from others so that you get a better understanding of your own life challenges?

Are you are fed with going over the same concerns in your head and want the opportunity to voice them out and be heard?

Maybe you’re a dating/relationship specialist and would love to contribute to a healthy discussion on dating and relationships?

If any of the above resonates with you then you would benefit from attending a friendly and open discussion led by a panel of highly regarded individuals – some with expertise in dating and relationships, others with a wide and varied range of life experiences.

We will explore at least four areas around dating and relationships and you will be able to put forward your views too so that we have a fruitful discussion. The objective will be for you to leave the event with clarity around dating and relationships and practical steps for you to consider and take forward in your own life.

Meet our Panellists

Christopher Downing

Frances Bastien

Reg Goslin

Rosaleen Gold

Sam Javed

Theresa Young

Vincent Clohessy

Tickets available via Eventbrite . Super Early Bird Tickets end 9 March 2019.