London Relationship Coaching - exploring love & happiness

This is a fun and highly interactive Meetup group. We explore a range of relationship issues in an informal, supportive way. At the end of each Meetup we catch up over a drink and bite to eat at the nearby theatre bar.

At the London Relationship Coaching Meetup, we explore a range of relationship topics and issues in an informal and supportive way. At the end of each event, we normally continue the conversations over a drink and bite at the nearest bar.

So who is this group aimed at?

  • You could be a single man or woman, questioning why you have not found that special person in your life

  • You may want a few tips and techniques on how to get back into the dating scene. We are here to support you at whatever stage you may be at and to discuss your own personalised topics

  • You may already be in a relationship and would love to learn a little more about building and maintaining a healthy romantic relationship.

  • Perhaps you want to know the male or female perspective on specific issues.

  • Or you may just be curious to learn more about relationships.

The London Relationship Coaching Meetup is a safe and welcoming group.
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Upcoming events

The Love Quiz

My mission is to get people moving away from their mobile phones and having proper face to face conversations.

I am sure you will agree that we spend far too much time on social media via our phones, laptop and other devices which not only makes us tired but often miserable. We then have little time in the day to have 'normal' one to one conversations with others and build strong meaningful relationships.

So for 2019 please help me get people talking and just having a bit more fun. We so need this!

I am super -excited to be organising another Love Quiz after it's huge success a couple years back. Here you can test your knowledge on all things to do with Love, Life and Relationships.

You don't need to be an expert to participate. Just come as you are. You are bound to get a few questions right. Trust me there will be something for everyone!

Come alone and join up with others to form a team or come with your ready made team. No more than 5 in a team, please.

We will:-

Relax over a drink
Meet old friends
Make new friends
Have a laugh
Win a prize or two!

You will find me and others in the Loft Bar, Bumpkin, Westfield.

This event has been advertised via my Meetup group (London Relationship Coaching Meetup) and on Eventbrite.

NB As a Trustee at the Drop In Bereavement Centre (DIBC) I would like to raise awareness of the amazing work of this charity which has been so supportive to me and my mum over the last 7 months or so. The DIBC is in need of consistent funds to keep it's core services going so with this in mind I will be donating 50% of all payments received to them. Tickets for this event is £5 per person available via eventbrite