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Have you struggled to set clear boundaries in relationships?
Are you frequently chastising yourself over another failed relationship?
Have you created a huge wall to protect your heart so not to be hurt again?
Are you now ready to learn more about yourself and overcome those recurring relationship patterns?

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I truly believe getting 'Relationship Ready' is a process.
It is not an overnight achievement yet it is indeed possible to see changes in yourthoughts and feelings sooner than you can imagine.

I created the DRS Model™ to help put a structure in place to guide you throughthe steps necessary to prepare for a relationship.


Previous clients who have worked with me have:

Re-defined their values and beliefs around love, life and relationships
Removed the blocks holding them back from finding love
Understood themselves at a deep transformational level
Stepped up and stepped out to find partners who were right for them

For more information on this programme please contact me to arrange a 15 minute clarification call. 
To ensure that we make the best use of the time available, please could you answer the questions below in advance.