I had a session with Ivona Gordon a few weeks ago and I can only describe those 45 minutes as magical. I don’t know how she does it, but Ivona has the power or gift to ask the right questions in such a wise, peaceful manner that you really get to think about yourself. After the session, I felt like transformed and I could understand some situations that had happened to me in my past relationships. I truly and warmly recommend Ivona to anyone wishing to move on with their life and improve it.

Sam, London



I consider Ivona to be a professional who is a great role model and who I certainly aspire to.Her facilitation of workshops are audience led and her calm manner is empowering to the group.

Her coaching skills are delivered in such a way that I really want to succeed in my goals becauseshe instills it is all in my best interest and I believe her.


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I worked with Ivona after a lot of big, personal changes in my life including separation from a partner and being made redundant not long after. I have been an advocate of personal development for about two years prior to these changes, so in theory should have been well equipped to handle the ‘situations’ I had been presented with. I had done well but it wasn’t until taking on Ivona as a coach that I was really able to start moving forward and identifying and implementing practical steps to start moving my career, and subsequently my life forward.



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I have learned to appreciate my own personal qualities and to be confident in them.  Within a month of starting the coaching session I began dating someone and we have now been together for 6 months.  I am now able to pass on some of the ideas I learned as part of the coaching process to my girlfriend and others (not just in terms of dating, also in terms of general approaches to life).

Sam, New Zealand



Ivona is a natural and insightful relationship coach and she uses language that cuts through to what is really important.

I’ve been single for years. I have felt as if I was struggling along in my life, lurching from one job to the next and not really getting anywhere, I wanted a different kind of life – but no matter how I tried I felt I wasn’t able to make it happen. It all felt like a lot of hard work. Also I was looking for that special someone, but couldn’t really understand why he was so elusive!

We looked at the wheel of life – always a fun thing to do – and I scored the relationship segment as a big fat zero! Instead of rushing into giving me relationship coaching Ivona suggested we look at some of the other segments such as the jobs/career and the fun/interests/social. This was the best approach for me as it has shown me that if I am to meet my companion in life then I need to be living my life in the right way that is right for me.

Ivona has helped me so much in just three sessions – I’ve had inspiring revelations about my own creativity, and I’ve understood how some of the baggage I’ve been hanging onto has to be dropped right now!

I would not hesitate to recommend Ivona if you would like to experience some highly effective coaching with real results in your life.

Julie, Devon